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Heads of State Summit:

Risks and Strategies for Profitability and Environmental Sustainability

During this annual, one-of-a-kind gathering, leaders of the world’s most substantial shipping trade organizations share their agendas and strategies for achieving economic and environmental sustainability. From Geo-Politics to trade, technology disruption to increasing regulations, safety to data security, don’t miss this unique opportunity to become informed on the key issues and opportunities affecting international maritime trade.

Market Outlook for Key International Shipping Sectors

A key session for owners, operators: Tackling Economic and Environmental Sustainability for good and profit.  The commercial shipping calculus for sustainable mid-century returns on investment.  What are the evolving expectations for world trade. What do shippers want and need? What can owners deliver?  How can the industry professional service community best support advances?  And, how can this best be done safely, efficiently and profitably? Visionary strategies for creating economic value and demonstrable environmental progress from owning, chartering and industry operating, engineering and professional giants.

Marine Fuel Winners & Losers: $1 Trillion Industry at the Fulcrum of Change

Marine fuel is a $1 trillion business – and it is on the precipice of a once in a generational change due to IMO regulations. This represents an opportunity for extreme wealth creation for some, but poses deadly risk for those caught on the wrong side of change.

Opportunities in the Jones Act and US Flag markets

The Jones Act and U.S. Flag are complex, capital intensive markets that must balance national security with commercial success. In this session, which will also serve as a primer, topics such as how we meet national security needs, future manpower recruitment, de-congest our coastal roads, build our USCG ice breakers, support our yards and suppliers, balance political interests, compete in international commerce, find finance for all this...

CMA Education Foundation Competition

Visions for the future presented by the authors of CMA Education Foundation Award winning papers.

The Human Element and Best Shipmanagement Practices

A don’t miss session for owners, operators and charterers of vessels, with more than 60,000 vessels plying the oceans of the world 24/7, the technical management of vessels is essential to safety, environmental protection and profitability. In this session, world leading ship managers share key benchmarking intelligence on crew competence, availability and cost, trends in safety, fuel management, regulatory compliance, operating costs and owner liability.

Money for Maritime – Opportunities and Challenges in Ship Finance

The CMA tri-state region is home to enormous pockets of creative, risk tolerant, successful sources of capital which has expanded the routes it takes to invest in shipping, an industry with an infinite need for capital.  From credit funds to venture capital for regulatory driven solutions like financing scrubbers; from evolving ship brokerages combining new tech data efficiencies to raising finance; from M&A inspired ship management companies to acquisitions of larger suites of profitable service verticals; From liquid K/S style ownership to commodity finance and derivative investments...How are these successful investment approaches altering or likely to alter the industry and how are you participating?

Tech Success Stories from the finance incubators behind them

An $11 trillion industry has attracted some of the tech industry’s best and brightest.  It is easy to understand why, save a billion here and a billion there and soon you are talking real numbers!  But where has talking tech hit the deck plate? Are incremental process changes delivering the return expected both economically and environmentally?  Come hear how the funds investing see the future.  Strategies and lessons learned from the tech, finance, environmental and commercial leaders.

The Commodore Debate

Industry leaders discuss the industry and where it may be mid-21st century