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Event Highlights


Autonomous Vessels and IoT

  • From the makers: How will the future of the Maritime industry look like in the era of Ship Intelligence? 
  • From the drawing board to water: Updates from the testing phases for autonomous technology from Norwegian Maritime Authority

  • The Warp Up: Shipping Leadership Forum: Is the industry keeping up with technology?

Training in the Digital Age

  • Paving the way for a global roll-out of e-Navigation : EfficienSea2 
  • Navigating information exchange and communication | Lessons from the Sea Traffic Management project
  • From seventeen to zero -eliminating DP incidents in Offshore Loading by combined training, system development, regulations and formal competency assessment

Disruption in Recruitment and Retention

  • LIVE DEMO A different kind of disruption | 1 click to bankruptcy - Could hackers steal my payroll?
  • Connectivity: Evolution or Revolution? Part I: What would happen if your crew could access the internet on-board?
  • "Disruption Required" Shipping must change tactics to recruit the future workforce


BBS – What is it? Why do we need it?

We differentiate the terms “Unsafe condition” and “Unsafe Act”, presenting some statistics from the National Safety Council of the USA which show the cause of accidents heavily tilted towards the latter.

Safety maturity assessments conducted by Green-Jakobsen for a wide range of European clients also affirms this point.

To address this concern, BBS is the need of the hour with the backing of a strong corporate safety culture. BBS is implemented in phases, which require safety culture assessments, training of employees and follow up.

Human Behavior and Reinforcement

The study of human psychology has revealed that human behavior is a function of activators, competencies and consequences, thereby rendering it to change by influence.

The correlation between behavior and attitude is touched upon and we derive that attitudes can be changed by influencing behaviors.

However, the influence we have on somebody will directly depend upon the reinforcement techniques used by us. We hereby discuss the various reinforcement methods and their merits.

Broken Windows Effect

The famous experiment conducted by Zimbardo in 1969 detailing the criminal psychology theory which relates disorder to vandalism and crime.

We make a connection of human behaviors with this theory and thereby emphasize the importance of positive actions in prevention of accidents and injuries. 

The positive actions are a result of appropriate workplace behaviors which in turn contribute to a better safety culture.

Safety I’s

The 5 best practice safety behaviors which can create a proactive and strong safety culture. A tool developed indigenous by Green-Jakobsen which is successfully being used by a multitude of their clients.

Animation videos, activities and group discussions on this topic will strengthen the understanding of this tool and concept.

Risk Management

A simplified 3 phase RM process is discussed with the help of animation videos, activities and group discussions for each phase.

The emphasis of the entire module is to drive home the fact that exceptional risk management is possible only if individual behavior is aligned with the proper utilization of the RA system of the organization.

About Siddarth

Sid holds an MBA in Shipping Management from the Indian Management School and Research Centre, and a Bachelor’s degree in Nautical Science from the University of Mumbai. 

He is a licensed Master Mariner and has sailed as a Master on board Oil/Chemical Tankers, having been at sea for over 12 years. 

Siddharth also holds a Diploma in Shipping Economics and Operations and a Diploma in Dry Cargo Chartering from the Cambridge Academy of Transport. Sid is accredited by the Danish Maritime Authority as Safety and Health Instructor. Sid holds a certification in Blanchard Situational Leadership, and Thomas Personal Profile Analysis/Human Job Analysis.