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08:00 09:00 (60 mins)

Main agenda

Registration & Coffee

08:55 09:00 (5 mins)

Main agenda

Welcome from Global Liner Shipping and Shipping2030 Teams

09:00 09:30 (30 mins)

Main agenda

Keynote Address

A range of global megatrends are colliding headlong with a range of breakthrough technologies experiencing exponential growth. The combinatorial effect, together with new generational mind-sets, will be a world that changes more in the next few decades than it has in the past few centuries. The impact on shipping will be profound, and there are as many opportunities as there are threats.

  • K D Adamson - Futurist & CEO, Futurenautics

09:45 10:00 (15 mins)

Main agenda

A Sustainable Business Model for Future Shipping

  • Increased earning potential through smart shipping
  • Strategic partnerships for enhanced performance
  • Optimising lifecycle efficiency
  • Pierpaolo Barbone - Vice President, Wartsila Services

10:00 10:35 (35 mins)

Main agenda

Panel: The State of Digital Transformation in Shipping

The Waypoint Digital survey shows that shipping and maritime companies recognise digital transformation is key to the future commercial success of their businesses, but few feel they understand what's necessary to achieve it. As digital transitions from 'initiative' status to a strategic business imperative, this panel examines the global context for the digital shift in shipping, the reality of the new 'seaconomics', what the data tells us about the health of the industry, and how different companies are collaborating to drive the digital transformation of their operations.

  • Moderator K D Adamson - Futurist & CEO, Futurenautics
  • Andre Simha - Global Chief Information Officer, MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A.
  • Pierpaolo Barbone - Vice President, Wartsila Services
  • Chris Rex - Head of Research, Danish Ship Finance

10:35 11:20 (45 mins)

Main agenda

Coffee and Networking Break

11:10 11:25 (15 mins)

Global Liner Shipping

Global Liner Keynote Address| Container Shipping: The Next Wave

2016 marks a year of exponential consolidation which structurally transformed the container shipping industry. Mr Sartini will discuss how the industry has changed and the challenges and opportunities that will further shape the industry.

  • Nicolas Sartini - Chief Executive Officer, APL

11:25 12:00 (35 mins)

Global Liner Shipping

Shipping Leadership Forum | A critical look at the industry: scale vs agility. What's the next big thing in shipping?

Our panel of industry leaders and experts will come together to discuss:

  • The impact of the transformative changes we have seen in 2016
  • How is the industry performing in today's market conditions?

  • What foreseeable developments can be expected mid and long term
  • What trends can we see and should be monitoring?
  • How are business models likely to change?
  • Have we seen this before? If so, what are the lessons?

Share your thoughts on these talking points or post your questions to our panel. Good strategies start from good questions.

  • Moderator Tom Behrens-Sorensen - Board Member & Senior Advisor, Behrens-Sorensen Advisory P/S
  • Niklas Holck - Managing Director, Costamare Shipping Company
  • Tristan Howitt - CEO, X-Press Feeders
  • Markus Thewes - Vice President / Global Sales, NSB Niederelbe Schiffahrtsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG

12:00 12:15 (15 mins)

Global Liner Shipping

Where is the money? Global Economic Outlook, Investment and the Container Market

Setting the scene, Chris will synthesize the key points of the Shipping Market Review Report, a comprehensive research project meant to develop a deeper understanding of the evolving global economy and its impact on the shipping industry. The research combines global macroeconomics with technological innovation and the aim is to gain better insights into the dynamics that are shaping the outlook for the shipping industry.

  • Chris Rex - Head of Research, Danish Ship Finance

12:15 12:50 (35 mins)

Global Liner Shipping

Shippers Panel | The Self-Service Model: Is this what customers want?

In an attempt to get an informed answer to that all important question "What do customers want?", our panel of shippers will address:

  • How is the shift to digital shipping impacting their business and relationships?
  • Can they see a ROI already, or have any challenges come up?
  • Is the industry going in the right direction for digital adoption, or is it already behind?
  • Will this drive even further reduction in choice of carriers and suppliers? 
  • Balance sheet: how are your expectations met?
  • Bjorn Vang Jensen - VP Global Logistics, Electrolux
  • SUNDARARAMAN Anandan - Head of Logistics & Transportation- Asia, The Coca-Cola Company
  • Sean Ginnane - Asia General Manager, Henry Bath Singapore PTE Ltd
  • Peter Spellman - Chief Technology Officer, Inttra
  • Tom Behrens-Sorensen - Board Member & Senior Advisor, Behrens-Sorensen Advisory P/S

11:10 11:45 (35 mins)


Panel: Leadership at the Digital Edge

From the largest companies in the industry to bright start-ups, how do CEOs craft, hone and implement a digital vision for their organisation and their people, whilst staying abreast of the operational necessities day-to-day. This panel brings together a diverse range of views and experiences of leading at the digital edge.

  • Mark O'Neil - President & CEO, Columbia Ship Management
  • Ian Livingstone - Managing Director, Ankaa Ltd
  • Constantine Komodromos - CEO & Co-Founder, VesselBot

11:45 12:25 (40 mins)


Panel: Disruptive Connectivity

For many years the cost and complexity of deep sea communications acted as a brake on digital developments, but now the scale and speed of improvements in connectivity is fundamentally changing the landscape. From nanosats and high-throughput networks to cognitive networked high frequency radio, learn from those at the bleeding edge of maritime connectivity.

  • Mark Dembitz - Business Development Executive, Spire Global
  • Toni Linden - CEO, KNL Networks
  • Geir Isene - Innovation Manager, Dualog Innovation Garage
  • Andrew Faiola - Director, Mobility Solutions, EMEAAP, Intelsat

12:25 12:50 (25 mins)


Panel: Optimal Connection

With enterprise grade connectivity an affordable reality how are real-time data, analytics and performance monitoring changing the way ships and equipment can be understood, optimised and utilised?

  • Eric Jan Bakker - Head of Sales Asia Pacific, Marlink
  • Stephan Jorgensen - Regional Sales Director, APAC, Cobham Satcom

12:50 14:00 (70 mins)

Main agenda


14:00 14:20 (20 mins)

Global Liner Shipping

Trade data - why and how to use it. Application: China Market in Focus

This session is an attempt at bringing home why it is important to use trade data in strategic decision making. Michel will present a specific data set for China and wider Asian market to understand where the growth is and adjust your business model.

  • Michel Looten - Director, Maritime Seabury Group

14:20 14:40 (20 mins)

Global Liner Shipping

Next bride-to-be: Liner M&A review and outlook

  • Liner M&A review
    1. Why to M&A: Global context analysis
    2. Is it a successful M&A: Liner performance comparison of before and after M&A
    3. Is it a good deal: Review the M&A price
  • Liner M&A outlook
    1. Possible brides-to-be review
    2. Possible M&As
    3. Impact of M&A: To liner; to freight rate; to consignor/ee, to port
  • Summary
  • Aden Wong - Senior Consultant, Drewry

14:40 15:00 (20 mins)

Global Liner Shipping

Global container ship supply outlook

  • The current orderbook
  • Big picture scrapping trends
  • Possible deployment by the lines
  • Mr Tan Hua Joo - Executive Consultant, Alphaliner

14:00 14:15 (15 mins)


Digitalising trade: the 300cubits project

To understand how digital is changing the nature of international trade, this presentation explores the case study of the 300 cubits project, focusing on:

  • The creation of a crypto currency called TEU
  • Integration of industry processes
  • How this works with blockchain
  • Could this be a game changer for the container shipping sector?
  • Johnson Leung - Co-Founder, 300cubits

14:15 14:30 (15 mins)


Digital Utilities - A Maritime Blueprint

In the same way that big and small firms plug into power grids and communication grids, the time is ripe for a Maritime Business Utility. Offering plug-in services which will cover everything from basic units of transactions to data analytics and intelligence, Marcura has a pioneering mission to streamline transactions and help each stakeholder embrace the internal change needed.

  • Jens Poulsen - CEO, The Marcura Group

14:30 15:00 (30 mins)


Panel: Redefining relationships: how collaboration, transparency, and integration can transform supply chains and internal processes

Consumer demands and customer expectations are evolving rapidly, redefining the relationship between shipping, it's suppliers, the cargo owners and the end-users. How can collaborative business models, facilitated by digital technology, enable faster responses, benefit the shipping supply chain as a whole, and begin to create new value?

  • Shen Lee Loh - Regional Manager, Vendor Management, Stolt-Nielsen Limited
  • Jens Poulsen - CEO, The Marcura Group
  • Peter Schellenberger - Managing Director, OServ
  • Niklas Holck - Managing Director, Costamare Shipping Company
  • Ian Sehgal - Co-Founder & CEO, Invicta Pte

15:00 15:30 (30 mins)

Main agenda

Coffee and Networking Break

15:30 16:10 (40 mins)

Global Liner Shipping

Consolidation Panel: How is the business model working?

  • Have business operations inside alliances changed drastically?
  • How are alliances differentiating themselves?
  • What is the impact for shippers - what are the benefits?
  • Are customer expectations better understood and serviced?
  • Moderator James Baker - Editor, Lloyd's Containers
  • Tristan Howitt - CEO, X-Press Feeders
  • Bjorn Vang Jensen - VP Global Logistics, Electrolux
  • Michael Nielsen - Transportation Operations Manager (ASEAN & India), Caterpillar

16:10 16:30 (20 mins)

Global Liner Shipping

Interview | Competition regulation: focus on digital platforms

Policy updates:

  • Competition law and protectionism - what are the measures and potential threats?
  • Are the correct provisions in place for digital shipping?
  • What about enforcement?

Plus: How is Technology Changing Relationships Between Institutions and Clients in the Import - Export Business?

  • Are administrations keeping up with digital and technology adoption?
  • Have any notable changes taken place to reduce administrative burden and streamline trade?
  •  How does Asia-Pacific fare compared to other regions?

  • Gerald Yee - Marine Partner, Clyde & Co Clasis

16:30 16:45 (15 mins)

Global Liner Shipping

Disruption and Innovation: Supply Chain Visibility and Regulatory Reform

  • Avoiding disruptions to international Supply Chain networks
  • Exploiting positive disruptions via regulatory reform
  • Rebecca Dye - Commissioner, Federal Maritime Commission (FMC)

17:00 17:10 (10 mins)

Global Liner Shipping

Global Liner Shipping Wrap Up Day 1

  • Lars Jensen - Conference Chairman | CEO, SeaIntelligence Consulting

15:30 15:50 (20 mins)


Crewing: Getting the Right Skills for Shipping's Future

New technologies require new skills, potentially accelerating the problems of recruitment and retention in shipping. But, will a more technologically advanced industry attract a younger, more digitally skilled workforce? What will be the impact of autonomous vessels on crewing?

  • Marcin Wolasiewicz - Crew Director - Asia-Pacific Region, V.Ships

15:50 16:10 (20 mins)


Seafarer cyber safety

  • Mick Thurlbeck - Chief Executive, Stapleton International Pte Ltd

16:10 16:35 (25 mins)


Download the Ocean

Unique Insights into how Ocean and Tidal current data is developed and delivered, and why it is essential to measuring and improving vessel performance and profitability.

  • David Pollak - Commercial Manager, TideTech

16:35 17:05 (30 mins)



BLOC will Present an overview of their approach to open collaboration for maritime blockchain development and dive into a couple of use cases they are working on and developing for key stakeholders.

  • Maurice Meehan - Director of Global Shipping Operations, Carbon War Room
  • Justin Gadbois - Strategic Advisor, BLOC

17:05 17:10 (5 mins)

Main agenda

Chair's Wrap up of Day 1

17:10 19:10 (120 mins)

Main agenda

Gala Drinks Reception