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Key Sessions

Jeremy Nixon

Keynote| The Future of the Industry Is Making the Business Case for Collaboration

Ocean Network Express Holdings

08:30 - 09:00 30 mins
Arrival Coffee Break
09:00 - 09:05 5 mins
Chairman’s opening remarks
  • Chairman Jesper Kjaedegaard - Partner, Mercator International
09:05 - 09:25 20 mins
Keynote| The Future of the Industry Is Making the Business Case for Collaboration

Knowledge is power. Shared knowledge is evolution. It can lead to incremental benefits, but equally, to the leaps that push industries forward. Shipping is a mammoth and one that operates with silos, it sustains world trade, but is not sustainable. It is said to be a reactionary and slow moving industry? But looking at the changes sweeping through the industry, does this still hold true? If we have innovation, how can we achieve collaboration and how could this change shipping?

  • Jeremy Nixon - Global Chief Executive Officer, Ocean Network Express Holdings
09:25 - 09:45 20 mins
Looking to the Future: CMA-CGM’s Start Up Incubator

This operator is investing in the future in a very real way. The incubator was launched not even a half of year ago. What is the uptake so far and what kind of initiatives have been put forward? How was the business case made and what are the resources behind the project? Was it modelled based on a similar project from another industry? We chose to wrap the conference with these questions and a final and very important one: would you put your money behind such a project?

  • Olivier Nivoix - Senior Vice President East-West Lines, CMA-CGM
09:45 - 10:35 50 mins
Checking In: Digital Shipping – Revolution, (Slow) Evolution or Pipe Dream?

Big Data – big changes, big investments, big opportunities…big ambiguity. Some of the biggest players in the industry have invested heavily in digital initiatives over the past year and a half.  Now, we are moving away from asking is there a case for digital, since these investments tell us there is. Instead, we ask:

  • Are there any tangible benefits or results of digital strategies?
  • If the question comes too soon, when can we expect results?
  • What still needs to be done in the short, medium and long terms?
  • The backlash of digital shipping: Cyber attacks 
  • Ibrahim Gokcen - Chief Digital Officer, Maersk Transport & Logistics
  • Paul Pessutti - SVP Travel and Transportation Industry Business Unit, SAP
  • Michael Nielsen - Senior Vice President, Carrier Account Management, Inttra
10:35 - 11:15 40 mins
Morning Coffee and Networking Break
11:15 - 12:15 60 mins
Ports & Terminals: The infrastructure of the future

For a full picture on the infrastructure of shipping, we turn to ports and terminals to ask:

  • How are the changes in the industry impacting the services they offer and is there a concern relating to the delivery of these services in the medium or long term?
  • How does innovation translate in port operations and what is based on?
  • How is the scene changing and what will give ports a competitive advantage?
12:15 - 12:35 20 mins
Platform-based Services for the Global Transportation Industry

In an era where business and technology fuse together, IBM see huge changes in the way companies operate and design their business model. Platforms and partnerships are already playing a major role and platform decisions will most likely become even more crucial in the near future.

This shift will be illustrated by three platform services for the transportation industry: IBM Cargo Patrol to enhance the overall shipping security by the detection of not properly declared dangerous goods and other commodities, a port collaboration platform, and the recently announced joint venture between Maersk and IBM to provide more efficient and secure methods for conducting global trade using blockchain technology.

  • Christian Schultze-Wolters - Director of Travel & Transportation Industry Germany, IBM
12:35 - 13:40 65 mins
Networking lunch in the Exhibition
13:40 - 14:20 40 mins
The Economy of LNG Fueled Vessels

Now that LNG propulsion is not only an option for short sea vessels, we take a look at the economy of LNG vs Diesel fuels. What is the business case for this type of propulsion and can Europe become the hotbed for this innovation? What are the predictions for LNG fuelled vessels?

  • Franck Kayser - Group Chief Operating Officer, CMA-CGM
  • Søren Vinther Hansen - Assistant Director, Vessel Performance, ABS
14:20 - 15:10 50 mins
New Business Models in Ocean Transport - driven by market concentration & digitization

This panel of BCOs and carriers will address some of the key aspects of collaboration and what   

  • New service options, process models/setups and cost levels
  • New approaches to contracting: tendering & contract management
  • Success factors in savings costs and/or boosting profits
  • Bjorn Klippel - Founder/CEO , TIM CONSULT
15:10 - 15:40 30 mins
The Future Architecture of a Digital Shipping Industry
  • Chris Rex - Head of Research, Danish Ship Finance
15:40 - 15:50 10 mins
Chairman’s closing remarks
  • Jesper Kjaedegaard - Partner, Mercator International
15:50 - 15:55 5 mins
Close of Conference
  • Jesper Kjaedegaard - Partner, Mercator International