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09:30 - 10:00 30 mins
Main agenda
Registration and Coffee
10:00 - 10:15 15 mins
Main agenda
Chairman's Opening remarks - Agenda Setting
  • David Bricknell - Consultant Naval Architect and Marine Engineer, Brycheins
10:15 - 10:45 30 mins
Main agenda
Defining Hybrid and Electric Propulsion: Introduction to Hybrid Systems
  • An overview of the current options on the market and the changing dynamic in vessel propulsion
  • Different types of hybrid and electric system 
  • Snapshot of key drivers for adoption of technology
  • Overview of which vessels are adopting this technology 
  • David Bricknell - Consultant Naval Architect and Marine Engineer, Brycheins
10:45 - 11:25 40 mins
Main agenda
Emission Control: A Look At Regulations Driving Change and Outlook Over Next 10 Years
  • Current and expected regulations of green house gasses and toxic emissions (MARPOL Annex VI)
  • Impact of shipping on port and harbour envrions (ECAs)
  • NOx, SOx, PM and CO2 emissions
  • Edmund Hughes - Head, Air Pollution and Energy Efficiency, Marine Environment Division, IMO
11:25 - 11:55 30 mins
Main agenda
Coffee Break
11:55 - 12:35 40 mins
Main agenda
Battery ABC - An Introduction to The Need to Know Information Surrounding Battery Technology
  • Sondre Henningsgård - Managing Director / Consultant, Maritime Battery Forum / DNV GL
12:35 - 13:45 70 mins
Main agenda
13:45 - 14:35 50 mins
Main agenda
Panel: Research, Funding & Innovation - A Look to The Immediate Future
  • Expert discussion on the incentives driving the adoption of hybrid and battery technology
  • Discussion of success stories, costs, scalability, and future of hybrid and electric vessels.
  • European Commission directives supporting the future of innovative green shipping technology. 
  • Overcoming barriers to entry 
  • Sources of funding 
  • What is driving adoption?
  • Chairman David Bricknell - Consultant Naval Architect and Marine Engineer, Brycheins
  • Hans Thornell - CEO, Green City Ferries
  • Peter Crawley - Programme Officer, DG Research & Innovation Unit H2: Surface Transport, European Commission
  • Sondre Henningsgård - Managing Director / Consultant, Maritime Battery Forum / DNV GL
14:35 - 15:15 40 mins
Main agenda
Norway in Focus
  • The Norwegian Maritime Authorities work into batteries and alternative fuels
  • Legislative and partnership work supporting Norway's world leading maritime cluster
  • Kolbjørn Berge - Project Manager / Senior Surveyor, Norwegian Maritime Authority
15:15 - 15:45 30 mins
Main agenda
Coffee Break
15:45 - 16:25 40 mins
Main agenda
Data Driven Decision Making - How Operators Can Prepare for Hybridisation Without Taking A Vessel Out of Service
  • Assessment of different operational profiles
  • Collecting essential data
  • Breaking down CAPEX 
  • Class data / guidelines
  • Intelligent control strategies
  • Discussion of the information operators must provide engineers/manufacturers to ensure optimum ROI
  • Troubleshooting where things can go wrong
  • Chris Kruger - Chief Technology Officer, PBES
16:25 - 17:05 40 mins
Main agenda
Feasibility Analysis: Beyond Ferries - Assessment of Operational Profiles Best Suited to Hybrid and Electric Propulsion Systems
  • Session drilling into the data of several vessels' operational profiles. 
  • Analysing which vessels are best suited to hybridisation, and where (and how) significant ROI is possible. 
  • Trevor Howard - Business Development Director, Triskel Marine
17:05 - 17:15 10 mins
Main agenda
Chairman's Closing Remarks and Round-Up