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5 December 2019
Hilton Tower Bridge,
London, UK

Liquefaction of Bulk Cargoes Seminar

Understand the technical, financial and legal implications of liquefied bulk cargoes

Gain insight into both the theory and practicalities of liquefaction

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What was discussed in 2018

Risk, liability and claims: the legal and financial perspective
  • Who is liable in the event of an incident? Owners’ and charterers’ rights
  • What do I need to know to accurately predict risk?
  • Current trends in claims
  • How to advise clients/ members
Ports, compliance and testing: expert operational know-how
  • In pursuit of compliance – understanding and overcoming issues facing masters at port
  • A discussion of the benefits and limitations of current and future testing methods
  • What do masters need to know before accepting a cargo?
New guidelines and regulations: charting a course through unfamiliar waters
  • Sub-Committee members discussed the outcome of IMO’s September 2017 Committee on the Carriage of Cargoes – attendees received updates to the IMSBC code
  • A discussion of new regulation, guidelines and testing procedures
Understanding the threat: the science behind liquefaction
  • An easy to understand breakdown of the liquefaction process
  • Preparedness – the conditions under which liquefaction occurs
  • Why are some cargoes more prone to liquefying?
Reality check: Southeast Asia's liquefaction hot spots
  • Understanding why certain regions experience more incidents
  • An update on the current situation in the Philippines and Indonesia 
Findings and implications: discovering the way forward
  • The implications of the Global Bauxite Working Group's crucial findings on the carriage of bulk cargoes, including an in-depth discussion with the co-authors of the report
  • The influence of mining locations on bauxite's properties
  • Understanding the modified Proctor-Fagerberg test method

What was new in 2018

The 2018 agenda featured a variety of new sessions and formats focusing on legislation, testing and the contractual regimes.

Debate: Does the industry feel the regulations and guidelines are robust enough and fit for purpose regarding liquefaction?

Attendees took part in this interactive session to share their views and debate current legislation and the CCC4 guidelines.

Workshop: Drafting Considerations in respect of Liquefaction

Attendees split into groups to analyse and work through a contract, focusing on drafting a contractual regime and amending clauses.

Session on Eranet-Martec Liquefaction Programme 

Attendees had a chance to review the centrifuge rolling tests for ore liquefaction analysis.  

Session on Control of Risk of Cargo Liquefaction 

Susan Gourvenec presented on a joint industry project to develop solutions for control of risks of cargo liquefaction.

Get expert insight

Susan Gourvenec, Professor of Offshore Geotechnical Engineering at the University of Southampton, summarises the issues of cargo liquefaction and suggests some solutions.

Who attended

An international audience comprised of delegates from all the major global shipping hubs.
Maritime professionals including shipowners, salvors, master mariners and coastal administration and port authorities.
Legal and insurance experts including claims managers, casualty lawyers, P&I correspondents, underwriters and others.

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