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Key Sessions

K D Adamson



Chris Rex

Transportation as a Service

Danish Ship Finance

08:15 09:00 (45 mins)

Registration & Coffee

09:00 09:10 (10 mins)

Welcome from the Chair

  • K D Adamson, Futurist & CEO, Futurenautics

09:10 09:30 (20 mins)


  • K D Adamson, Futurist & CEO, Futurenautics

09:30 09:50 (20 mins)

The Digital Ship and Industry 4.0

  • Marco Ryan, Chief Digital Officer & EVP Digital Development, Wärtsilä Corporation

09:50 10:30 (40 mins)

Panel Discussion - Ship Connectivity: The Engine of Growth

Connectivity is the driver behind all digital innovation, but what does this mean in the context of shipping? This panel looks at creating value and cost-cutting through the changing infrastructure in satellite technology and on-board connectivity that underpin key strategic business needs. 

  • Discover the technology for ships that is creating new solutions to old problems, and discuss if prime drivers for change are willingness or compliance 
  • Recognise the benefits for more efficient and reliable shipping operations through faster M2M communications, increased security of vessel tracking
  • Hear about advances in seafarer wellbeing, crew needs vs ship owner’s needs, and the issue of data usage caps
  • Marco Ryan, Chief Digital Officer & EVP Digital Development, Wärtsilä Corporation

10:30 11:15 (45 mins)

Coffee & Exhibition

11:15 11:30 (15 mins)

Transportation as a Service

Redesigning transportation to be a service distributed on a digital platform, giving the industry an opportunity for more efficient connection between buyers and sellers globally. Understand how this works as vertical integration, and broader implications for unlocking markets, reducing transaction costs, and increasing transparency.

  • Chris Rex, Head of Research, Danish Ship Finance

11:30 12:10 (40 mins)

Panel Discussion - Disruptive Factors in Global Finance and Trade

Gain an insight into the emerging new drivers in ship finance and the potential of creating new digital ecosystems. Understand how these platforms could enable growth with new global financing and trade trends like online marketplaces, crowd-sourcing and block chain. With new value propositions that could lead to massive change in the short-term, and examining the impact of digital transitions on shipping’s finances, key question will include:

  • How will shifting political interests impact both shipping and digital in the world economy?
  • How could technology requirement such as BWM address global supply and demand imbalances in the world fleet?
  • What are the blocks that discourage digital and technology investment in maritime and how can technology leaders overcome this?
  • Henriette Brent-Petersen, Managing Director, Shipping and Offshore Research, DVB Bank SE
  • Chris Rex, Head of Research, Danish Ship Finance

12:10 12:45 (35 mins)

Panel Discussion - Innovation Exploration: Learning from the Architects of Change

Digital forces are re-shaping the world and driving unprecedented change, making traditional solutions and business models less relevant and applicable. To meet rapidly changing customer expectations disruptive ideas need to happen now. Europe has been a driving force to create innovation in our cities, transportation systems and everyday life. This panel brings these groups together to help create new communities of innovation and digital culture.

  • What should a digital and innovative culture look like? And how important is switching focus to end user needs? 
  • Buy Vs Build – do you develop your own technology or wait for a company to develop and buy it out?
  • Does the innovative expertise exist within maritime or is greater cross-industrial collaboration needed to make digital work for shipping?
  • Mogens Schrøder Bech, Director, Maritime R&D, Danish Maritime Authority
  • Constantine Komodromos, CEO & Co-Founder, VesselBot
  • Peter Crawley, Programme Officer, DG Research & Innovation Unit H2: Surface Transport, European Commission
  • Jørn Seglem, Senior Vice President, Digital Platforms and Analytics, Kongsberg Digital

12:45 13:45 (60 mins)

Lunch & Exhibition

13:45 14:00 (15 mins)

Welcome to the IoSea - Shipping's Internet of Things

What is the Internet of Things? Understand the intersection of people, data and intelligent machines and what the current maritime applications of IoT are, with possibilities for future capabilities. Breaking down the sometimes complex concepts of IoT, appreciate the bottom-line advantages of sensors, Big Data, machine learning, M2M communication, and automation for productivity, efficiency, operations and costs.

14:00 14:35 (35 mins)

Panel Discussion - Why Big Data Matters for Shipping’s Commercial Performance

From predictive analysis and logging cargo flow to improving fuel consumption and emissions capturing data is not about reinventing the wheel but collaborating on a common platform to improve how ships and shipping are operated. However key issues remain, this panel introduces the basics of Big Data: Where you can find it, and how it translates into a more efficient business

  •  Address key questions such as: How to standardise the value of big data, balancing costs of investment versus value created for the customer, and key issues of transparency
  • Discover the full ecosystem of data value addressing shipping’s needs, shipping’s customer’s needs, and customers’ customer needs. Beyond creating efficiency how do you tap into exponential growth?
  • Learn the potential for democratising data through systems such as bitcoin and block chain and discuss if data is a commodity or community
  • Argyris Stasinakis, Partner, Marine Traffic

14:35 15:10 (35 mins)

Panel Discussion - Cyber Security

As a digitised shipping industry becomes a reality, the exposure to cyber security and other emerging threats is on the rise. These threats can target assets, data, markets and come from individuals, groups and nation states. Learn about regulations, guidelines and cyber insurance exclusion clauses; know your liabilities, and organisational strategy to reduce risk such as penetration testing, Assessment, verification and validation and your ROI on cyber security.

  • Understand the cyber security is fundamentally about risk, and what these sources of risk are
  • Discuss how secure disruptive technology is, and what security protocols to have in place to protect ship and cargo assets
  • Discover how criminals are finding new ways of extracting value from technology
  • Jens Monrad, Senior Intel Analyst, FireEye - iSIGHT Intelligence

15:10 15:40 (30 mins)

Coffee & Exhibition

15:45 16:00 (15 mins)

Data Ownership: Transparency & Regulation

Making data integral to core business functions is a crucial part of modernisation, however using data comes with responsibilities over ownership and transparency. Risk from theft and misuse, and an often complex range of legal and insurance regulations necessitates more collaboration across industries and expertise to be compliant. This panel provides a concise overview of strategic issues and what you need to do to prepare and protect your data.

16:00 16:15 (15 mins)

Developing the Digital Talent to Take Your Business Forward

New business models, new technology and new software means new skills requirements and opportunities for your teams to unleash the power of their ideas. Discuss the talent markets and hear about the gaps in the maritime skills market; understand how to retain your best talent and hear about the innovative methods of up-skilling such as simulators, gamification and other digital technology to improve training.

16:15 16:30 (15 mins)

How Digital Cultivates Collaboration and New Relationship

Consumer demands and customer expectations are evolving rapidly, as new trends of consumption emerge collaborative economies are flourishing as a way to deliver greater value. Understand the changing mind-sets around access over ownership, peer-to-peer communities, and digital ecosystems. Discuss how new economic mega-trends like block-chain are moving business relationships towards greater collaboration, connecting a fragmented industry and more integrated and strategic relationships.

  • Timo Glave, Associate Principal, McKinsey & Company
  • Karel Dörner, Partner, McKinsey & Company

16:30 16:45 (15 mins)

Creating a Digital Culture

Widespread organisations change to embrace digital and disruptive technology requires leadership from the top. This presentation provides an overview and case study of the personal motivation, leadership skills and results of implementing a digital vision in maritime. 

  • Matt Duke, Vice President, Digital Platform Maritime, Kongsberg Digital

16:45 17:45 (60 mins)

Chair's Closing Remarks

16:50 17:05 (15 mins)

Cyber Security: Live Hack Demo & Talk

  • Jens Monrad, Senior Intel Analyst, FireEye - iSIGHT Intelligence

16:50 17:05 (15 mins)

Millennials of Maritime

Jargon Buster

Meet the young tech-savvy employees working in shipping,. Drop by for a chat and have key terms, words and concepts of digital explained and simplify the jargon

16:50 17:10 (20 mins)


Hosted by Konsberg Digital - More details coming soon

17:10 19:10 (120 mins)

Shipping2030 Welcome Drinks Reception

Join the Shipping2030 community for an evening of drinks, canapés, relaxed discussions, and networking with the industry's top players. This party is the place to mix and mingle with your colleagues, make new contacts and enjoy one of the highlights of your conference experience. You won’t want to miss out!

20:00 22:00 (120 mins)

GST & Shipping2030 Awards & Gala Dinner