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10-11 September 2019
Venue TBC,

Women in Shipping Summit

Explicitly, not exclusively for Women

This is NOT a feminist event because we don’t want to define a movement and we don’t aim to identify or change principles. This IS a professional development event for women working in shipping, on board and on shore because we do want to start a conversation based on facts, not assumptions and to present solutions to improve the status quo. A RISING TIDE LIFTS US ALL, and embracing the talent which women have already brought to the industry and capitalizing on this further by attracting more talented women can only move the sector forward.


The 2019 agenda is ready for you to browse through!

Why attend?

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Key Themes for 2019

Attracting talent: Analysing our call to arms

In an effort to answer to the gender imbalance in our industry we look at the words we use to describe what we do, what we need and what we are offering in terms of career opportunities. Might we transform our industry through a change in semantics?

What women bring to the table: fight-or-flight vs tend-and-befriend

This is the time when the industry is moving towards enhancing collaboration and inter-connectivity to achieve better outcomes for our clients and our world. This is exactly what women excel at and its why smart business needs smart women.

Challenging unconscious bias in day-to-day interactions: Are we glorifying aggressiveness?

Moving away from the blame game and divisive rhetoric, we aim to identify those ideas and deeply rooted practices that hold this industry behind. And we aim to this in the spirit of understanding and debate, hearing from both sides on what they’ve done to make it better.

Maternity, return to work and working arrangements

Turning to very practical roadblocks and consideration, we look at the working environment available to women in maritime and possible solutions to improve employment and career opportunities for women on board and on shore.

Addressing women's health - advancements and resources

A lot of attention has been given to mental health of employees in general and seafarers in particular. And rightfully so! We dig deeper into the issue of women’s health, physical and mental, on board and on shore.

Digital transformation in shipping and opportunities for diversity

The industry is changing rapidly and one cannot begin to sketch the profile of the seafarer of the future without the words digital competencies. What does this mean for women’s access and progression in this industry? What opportunities are opening for women in digital shipping?

Finding your executive voice

How to get a seat at the (board) table and to represent yourself in way that achieves that perfect balance between assertiveness and congeniality? What should you develop in order to take the next step in your career and how to find your ambassadors.

Why men [should] promote women in shipping

We will hear from some of the many men who have supported, guided and championed the professional journey of their female colleagues, not so much on the reasons why, but on what they have learned about breaking barriers and collaboration from this exercise.

Beyond gender – addressing the wider diversity challenge in shipping

This is just the beginning. We cannot solve all problems at the same time, but we can begin to consider more and more, whilst dealing with one of them. So, to finish in a way that ensures we remain on track, we look at the wider diversity challenge in the industry.


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